Algirdas Zibalis

Algirdas Zibalis was born in 1960. in Siauliai. Member of the Art Creators Association. Works as a teacher. A. Zibalis’ creative work formed the basis of professional art. Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the Pedagogical Institute of Šiauliai (now Šiauliai University, Faculty of Arts) provided professional knowledge, here the first steps of independent work began. More attention is paid to the watercolor, especially the genre of scenery.

He has organized over 25 author exhibitions in Lithuania: Vilnius, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Telšiai, Jurbarkas, Kelmės, Joniškis, Akmenė, Kuršėnai. Participates in various art events and group art exhibitions. 2016, 2017m, 2018m. Has participated in watercolor exhibitions-festivals in Fabriano (Italy) and Galeria Esde (Sardinia) watercolors exhibition contest, which was among the 27 best. Watercolors from all over the world present their works at these exhibitions.